Aircraft Maintenance Technology


Ready to take off with Aircraft Maintenance Technology Program

With your diploma, you can :

  • inspect, repair, replace or modify aircraft components in order to keep planes and helicopters airworthy 
  • investigate aircraft break-downs and technical problems and write up technical report

Careers in Aircraft Maintenance

  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician
  • Aircraft Component Repair Technician
  • Test Bench Technician (engine)
  • Inspector


Companies that hire


Job Placement

  • Average job placement rate over the last three years : 85 %
  • Starting average salary over the last three years : $ 37 960
  • 25 % of our 2014 graduates continued their studies in Mechanical Engineering at the university level. 


Skills needed 

  • Ability to respect established standards and procedures while working 
  • Facility for team work 
  • Sense of responsibility 
  • Manual dexterity
  • Mechanical interest
  • Willingness to work with an irregular schedule


Secondary School Pre-requisites

Secondary V Mathematics Technical and Scientific Option or Science Option or 526 or the equivalent 
 Secondary V Physics or 534 or the equivalent

Your high school years must be done in English in Québec.
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Graduate Testimony

Mathieu Laboeuf
Aircraft Maintenance Technician -Nolinor Aviation
Graduate in Aircraft Maintenance – June 2011

The training Mathieu acquired studying at ÉNA and the experience gained from his partime jobs in aircraft maintenance have helped him quickly find an interesting position in his fied of studies. "My job is to maintain airplanes when I have a contract in remote areas. Among other task, I perform routine required inspections on airplanes to carry out their airworthiness. My responsibilities are really important in the team. I also travel a lot in my job, wich has alloed me to discover new parts of North America. Working in the aerospace inductriy and discovering new places is a dream for me."



1re session Pondération
109-101-MQPhysical Education 1 1 1
603-101-MQEnglish2 2 3
201-1A5-EMApplied Mathematics3 2 3
280-1A3-EMAircraft Blueprint Reading1 2 2
280-1A5-EMAssembly and Installation2 3 1
280-1B5-EMIntroduction to Aeronautics3 2 2
280-1C5-EMAircraft Piston Engines3 2 2
2e session Pondération
345-101-MQHumanities3 1 3
603-102-MQEnglish3 1 3
201-2A5-EMAircraft Applied Mathematics3 2 3
280-2A5-EMOrganic Materials Used in Aeronautics3 2 2
280-2B5-EMMinor Repairs2 3 2
280-2C5-EMStrength of Materials3 2 2
280-2D5-EMTurbo Machine Operation 3 2 2
3e session Pondération
345-102-MQHumanities 3 0 3
603-103-MQEnglish 3 1 3
602-xxx-MQ French 2 1 3
280-3B4-EM Aerodynamics 2 2 2
280-3C4-EM Civil Aviation2 2 2
280-3A4-EM Piston Engine Maintenance 1 3 1
280-3D4-EMDirect Current Avionics 2 2 2
280-3A6-EM Metal Structural Repair 2 4 1
4e session Pondération
109-102-MQPhysical Education0 2 1
345-CEG-EMHumanities3 0 3
602-YYY-EMFrench2 1 3
280-4A5-EMTurbo Machine Maintenance1 4 1
280-4B4-EMHelicopters2 2 2
280-4B5-EMHydraulics and Pneumatics2 3 2
280-4A4-EMAlternate Current Avionics2 2 2
280-4C5-EMAircraft instrumentation3 2 2
5e session Pondération
COMPLComplementary Course3 0 3
280-5A3-EMPropeller Maintenance1 2 1
280-5A5-EMControl Surfaces2 3 1
280-5A4-EMAircraft System Operation2 2 2
280-5A6-EMEngine Performance3 3 2
280-5B3-EMIntership on Planes 10 3 1
280-5C3-EMInternship on Helicopters0 3 1
280-5B4-EMRadio Systems2 2 2
6e session Pondération
109-103-MQPhysical Education1 1 1
603-CEG-EMEnglish3 1 2
COMPLComplementary Course 3 0 3
280-6A3-EMAvionics Maintenance0 3 1
280-6A6-EMComposite Structural Repair2 4 1
280-6A4-EMInternship on Planes 210 4 1
280-6B4-EMInternship on Helicopters 210 4 1
280-6C4-EMAircraft System Maintenance0 4 1

1) This course is a review of all subject matter seen during the 3 year programm. Please note that in order to register to this course you will have had to complete successfully the prerequises courses identified.

Exit Exam
In addition to the English Ministerial Examination, an exit exam is required at the end of the program.



Objectives of specific education

The program aims at preparing students to apply the principles, techniques and methods specific to the field and those that characterize work organizations. The program also aims at preparing future technicians in the necessary technological mastery of various activities in airplanes and helicopters, which also contributes to job mobility. The program aims at developing six major competencies.

To master scientific and work role fundamentals

025N* To analyze the occupation
025S  To model and interpret mathematical results as they apply to aircraft maintenance
025W To perform activities related to the resistance of materials used in the aircraft industry
0260  To apply principles of aerodynamics
0268  To apply principles of aerodynamics to flight and helicopter maintenance

To master work techniques in maintenance aircraft

025N* To analyze the occupation
025P  To interpret schematics, drawings, assembly plans and installation plans
025Q  To apply shaping, assembly and installation techniques
025R  To use organic and synthetic materials
025T  To maintain direct-current circuits on an aircraft
0263* To verify simple alternating-current circuits on an aircraft 026D To inspect airplanes and helicopters
026D  To inspect airplanes and helicopters

To complete maintenance of aircraft structures

025X  To clean, inspect and protect aircraft materials
025Z  To prepare and assemble sheet metal
0261  To maintain the metal structures and structural components of an aircraft
0262  To maintain aircraft structures and structural components made of composite materials, wood and fabric

To complete maintenance of aircraft systems

025U  To inspect the operation of power and control components of hydraulic and pneumatic systems
0263* To verify simple alternating-current circuits on an aircraft
0265  To verify communications, navigation and instrumentation systems
0267  To maintain flight controls and flight control surfaces
0269  To maintain landing gear
026C  To maintain aircraft systems

To perform maintenance of propellers

025V  To inspect the operation of aircraft piston engines
025Y  To overhaul aircraft piston engines
0264  To maintain propellers and propeller-related systems
0266  To verify the operation of aircraft turbine engines
026A  To overhaul aircraft turbine engines
026B  To assess the performance of piston and turbine engines

To perform aircraft maintenance

026E  To maintain airplanes
026F  To maintain helicopters

* Part of departmental objective


Aircraft Maintenance Licence

The course is Transport Canada approved and leads to an Aircraft Maintenance licence (AME).


A French Institution

École nationale d’aérotechnique is a francophone institution. Although the language of instruction for this program is English, all other services and activities will be offered in French. A bilingual advisor will be available to assist and advise students in English.

It is also important to be aware that the College will require a sufficient number of students in the last year of the program to be able to offer the instruction in English. If there is not a sufficient number, the courses will be offered in French, but students will be allowed to write their exams and essays in English.

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